Our Story

When I met You

Not the superficial love at first sight, deeper than that. It was a deeper conviction at first sight.Can not articulate it but knew straight away that you’re the one.The beauty that captivated me was observed through your interaction.I watched and observed you engaging with humans. Your appetite for other people’s successes, growth and progress drew …

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Babajide's POV

Once upon a time, I met my life partner in the most unexpected way – through a friend’s WhatsApp status. It was a regular day, and I was casually scrolling through my WhatsApp updates when a post caught my eye. It was a picture of my friend, Simi, smiling with a group of people at a reunion hangout of her primary school classmates.

Among the faces in the photo, one person stood out to me instantly. It was this warm, genuine smile that seemed to radiate joy. I couldn’t help but feel drawn to that person, and I found myself wanting to know more about her. Curiosity got the best of me, and I sent a message to Simi, asking about the person with the captivating smile. Simi, being the matchmaker at heart, enthusiastically shared details about her primary school friend, Ebun, who was in the picture.

She described Ebun as someone incredibly kind, and smart, and even sent me a few more pictures of her and her social media handles. Feeling a spark of excitement, I asked Simi if she wouldn’t mind introducing us. She happily obliged and gave Ebun a heads-up about me – story for another day haha. I nervously waited for Ebun’s nod. Nod came, we started chatting, and it felt like we’d known each other forever. Our conversations flowed effortlessly, and we discovered how much we had in common.

As weeks rolled into months, our friendship blossomed into something deeper. I travelled down to Akure to see her, for the first time (harsh tag things we do for love) we went on our first date, and it was magical – full of laughter, shared stories, and genuine connection.

Fast forward to today, and I can’t believe that a simple WhatsApp status brought us together. A seemingly ordinary post turned into a life-changing moment. I am eternally grateful for the day I met her through a friend’s WhatsApp status – it’s a story I’ll cherish and retell for years to come.

Ebunoluwa's POV

Our love story began with a twist of fate. Despite attending the same university, our paths had never crossed until December 2018. I went out with old friends, capturing beautiful memories through pictures and videos. Little did I know that one of those videos caught Jide’s eye. He couldn’t resist asking for my contact after seeing me in it.

At first, I hesitated when my friend told me about him, but eventually, I gave in. It didn’t take long for Jide to reach out, and from that moment on, we clicked effortlessly, as if we had known each other from way back. Our “talking stage” lasted for months then he traveled all the way to ask me to be his girlfriend.

Anyways I pitied him…lol, I said yes to him, despite teasing him for his sweet persistence. And now, looking back, I cherish every moment of our journey that led us to this beautiful place where we are together. Our love story is one of destiny and affection that continues to blossom with each passing day.